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Where the Rain Is Made by K. Celeste Bryan

Where the Rain is Made


Ethan Gray wakes up after spending three very uncomfortable nights in a jail cell. A bar fight in a little town in Montana left him bruised and sore, and he must face the judge in the morning. As Ethan tries to find a comfortable position on his narrow cot, the sheriff brings over a visitor. Stands-In-Light, the Cheyenne medicine woman, is standing in front of Ethan’s cell, letting him know that, once again, the Sacred Council of Arrows needs his services. He has made a vow to do all he can to help his people, so Ethan transforms into a raven and makes his escape.

Ethan stands before the Sacred Council and realizes his next journey will be quite dangerous, possibly fatal for him and thousands of the People. He accepts the danger but has no idea his fleeting vision of “a woman with hair the color of the magpie and eyes greener than pine needles” will change his life forever.

This story was interesting. I was impressed with the way K. Celeste Bryan portrayed the different aspects of Ethan’s character during his time with the Cheyenne. I felt the characters were well developed and realistic, and although this was a violent time in our history, the violence did not overwhelm the storyline. It was merely a part of the story, as common as clothing styles or food preparation.

I liked Where The Rain Is Made very much. The historical aspects were interesting and provided a different viewpoint than our high school history books. I could picture the villages, the people, and Ethan’s transformations from the descriptions. I highly recommend this story to all who entertain the possibility of time travel.

Book Stats:

• Paperback: 316 pages
• Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (October 3, 2008)
• ISBN-10: 1601543719
• ISBN-13: 978-1601543714

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