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Ethan Gray is so much more than a museum curator He is also a traveler. Called upon by the Sacred Council of Arrows, Ethan is sent back in time to warn The People. Known as Meko in this time, he is the head of the Dog Soldiers, fighting the military and settlers who come to take their land. After a raid, he finds Francesca Duvall hiding near the Platte River. Meko knows Cesca is part of his destiny and his decision to take her back to the camp changes the course of many lives. Cesca, who cannot accept her captivity, plans to help her brother escape, but she is unable to forget the effect her captor has on her senses.

Where the Rain is Made is an epic tale that takes you into the lives of the Cheyenne during a time when massacres were common and life was fragile. We are afforded a glimpse of life from the perspective of the Cheyenne, making it easy to see how wronged they were. Meko and Cesca through all their trials and turmoil find a love that will transcend time. Grab this one and be prepared to cry and to be affronted at the past. An understanding of the culture of these wonderful people who only fought to preserve their life style will be found in the pages of Where the Rain is Made. K. Celeste Bryan takes us into the legends and lore of a people who lost so much more than lives those long ago days along the Platte River. Where the Rain is Made is a tale that is rich in history, emotions and love. Kudos to K. Celeste Bryan for penning such an impassioned story.

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About the Book: Genre: time travel, ISBN: 1601543719
Page Count: 314 pages, Price: $ 6.00
Reviewer: Elise Lyn

Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

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