BLOOD LUST by Kat Bryan
A VAMPIRE Novella available here:
Celestrial Books

Read an Excerpt:

Stifling her cravings, Larissa scuffed across the cobblestone walkway with her hands in her pockets and the hood pulled over her head, hoping to dispel the restive longing. The pathway was deserted except for three people sitting on a bench a block away. From this distance, she didn’t know if they were male, female or a combination, and it was too late for her to alter course. They came to their feet, robotically, she thought, and looked in her direction. Obviously they’d seen her despite the light fog rolling in from the river.

Her intention to walk past them at a brisk pace was quickly squashed as they blocked the path before her. “If you only knew,” she said to the stones at her feet. “Don’t fuck with me, not tonight. Please turn and walk away.”

But they didn’t turn and they didn’t walk away. She looked at them individually, and noticed they all bore a similar expression—a knowing, wicked sneer. Gaunt, yet fierce-looking, their pale complexions contrasted sharply with the dark shadows surrounding them.

“So you’re not going to let this pass?” she said under her breath. “You’re looking for trouble, waiting for some hapless woman to wander by in the dead of night so you can have a little fun with her, huh?” She blew air through her lips and felt a familiar tingling in her gums. “All right, big boys, I can handle a little fun and definitely I can use some food. Let’s get this over with.”

They stood shoulder–to-shoulder in front of her, the one on her left breaking the strained silence. “What’s the deal? You some halfwit who likes to talk to herself?”

She stared into his eyes, swallowed the saliva collecting in her mouth and wondered if his blood would taste coppery or like a fine Chianti when she buried her fangs in his scrawny neck.


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