Awesome Review for Where The Rain Is Made!

Where The Rain Is Made, Author : K. Celeste Bryan
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press, Genre : Historical/ Time Travel
Publication Date : 2008, ISBN : 1-60154-371-9
Pages : 312, Category : Sophisticated
Type : E-book & Print

Reviewer : LK Hunsaker, Classical Romance Reviews, Classic Romance Reviews
4.5 Wings


Ethan Gray is a curator at the National Museum of American Indians. But that’s only his “day job.” Ethan is also a time traveler and spends part of his life back in the days of America’s westward expansion. His study of the Cheyenne, his own ancestry, comes in handy when he travels back to support them in their fight for their land and lives. As leader of the dog soldiers, he doesn’t expect to be ‘captured’ by fiery Francesca DuVall when she and her brother Marsh are taken prisoner and taken to the Cheyenne warriors’ camp. Francesca’s main concern is to protect her little brother and sacrifices her safety to do so. Ethan, known to the Cheyenne as Meko, is determined to protect her from her own spirited rebellion. The pairing causes sparks, friction, and an intense passion as they grow to know each other. Cesca remains torn, though, between her white heritage and the native life that has entwined her. Meko is torn between his promise to the Council to continue his travels to help the People and his need to remain with Cesca.

Where The Rain Is Made by K. Celeste Bryan grabs the reader and yanks her right into the story with an immediate compassion for Ethan and a want to know him better. Described with all the lushness and vivid reality of a movie scene, the story moves from contemporary life back to the dog soldier camp without flaw. The amazing detail of Cheyenne life is part of the story itself, almost as though the author has indeed lived with the Cheyenne. Bryan’s characters are true-to-life, deeply drawn, and entirely likeable. There were a few times I wondered about Cesca turning suddenly “spoiled brat-ish” because of how strong she is through most of the story, but she is easy to sympathize with and root for. There are several minor characters who don’t come off as minor, as well as we get to know them and with as much as each one adds to the story. Ethan/Meko is a hero to remember: strong and commanding but also vulnerable, compassionate, and thoughtful. It’s a pleasure for the reader to spend time with him and easy to see why Cesca can’t turn him away as easily as she wants.

Where The Rain Is Made is an incredible read and stays with you even when not reading. There were times the description was done so well it made this writer/reviewer a touch jealous as well as quite happy to enjoy it. The deep characterization along with embedded cultural and psychological issues made those things fairly easy to overlook.

Although I rated this book as sophisticated because it does go beyond the bedroom door (the publisher calls it spicy), the intimate scenes are beautifully done and even those of us who prefer to stop at the door find no need to bypass Meko and Cesca’s most sensual moments. This is meaningful sensuality done well.

Overall, K. Celeste Bryan’s novel is a must-read for anyone interested in native history, as well as for anyone looking for a nice, deep romance that never gets too heavy even through some intense moments of fighting for survival. I rarely enjoy time travels, but this one came off as thoroughly believable and is on my recommended list. I will be looking for other books by this author.


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